After All This Time
Peter Prince (solo-acoustic)
Back On Earth!
Catskill Martian Dogs
Live Down Deep
Outer Space Action

Peter Prince


Dizzymaker   2010

01. Saved Me from a Lonely Day
02. I Still Have You
03. Dizzymaker
04. New Heels
05. Stop, Drop, and Burn
06. Wild Chile
07. Rock, Soul, Ground
08. In & Out
09. Another Drug Wonder
10. Can’t Hesitate
11. Daddy’s Here
12. Music Gets Me in the Mood
13. PG
14. Motherfinger

With his distinctive high energy funk-rock-soul blend, adding a dose of dance grooves and DJ maneuvers, Peter is joined by a full house of remarkably gifted friends, spinning up 14 original songs that will turn on your dizzymaker!

Appearing on this album:

Tim Reynolds (DMB), Alan Evans (MBL 1.0, Soulive, Play On Brother), Poogie Bell (Herbie Hancock), Jeremiah Hosea and Oja (Earthdriver), Ryan Montbleau, Jason Cohen and Yahuba Garcia (Ryan Montbleau Band).

After All This Time   2007

01. Friends
02. Lost the Best Woman
03. Bitch
04. After All this Time
05. NYC
06. These Days
07. Sin City
08. Coming from Everywhere
09. Love is Good
10. Let’s Say Goodbye

A top-talent powered album of rock and soul infusion recorded in collaboration with former MBL crew member Johnny Trama. Featuring an all-star cast of musical conspirators, these 10 tracks are sure to get your boot stompin’.

Appearing on this album:

Eric Kalb (Deep Banana Blackout), Nate Wilson (Percy Hill, Assembly of Dust, Ghosts of Jupiter), Tommy Benedetti and Nate Silas Richardson (John Brown’s Body), Gary Wicks, Joe Russo, Paul Ahlstrand, Mister Rourke, Brian Thomas, Marco Benevento, and Gary Backstrom.

Peter Prince   2006

01. A Part of a Man
02. There For You
03. The Gift
04. So Shy
05. Molly
06. Sin City
07. Orion
08. A Day in the Life
09. Missing You
10. Devil’s Dream

A peek at the man behind MBL — Peter’s debut solo release — resonating his lifelong influences of rock, folk, and R&B music at its roots. A sweeping round-up of old favorites delicately stripped down, this album showcases his distinctively soulful voice and lyrical lore, and songs that step in all walks of life.

Back on Earth   2000

01. Alien Vacation
02. Blame Myself
03. Ali
04. Miss the Train
05. Hope You Do Too
06. Stay With Me
07. The Gift
08. Changed Your Mind
09. Bag a Day Habit
10. Autumn Falls

Moon Boot Lover’s unique blend of “Rock-ET Soul” drenches this 10 track to-the-moon-and-back roller coaster ride. Peter’s trademark voice shines in this get-it-all mix of refined ballads and bumpin’ rock grooves, including some of their most requested songs. An easy favorite among the masses... casual & hardcore alike.

Catskill Martian Dogs   2009

Catskill Martian Dogs album cover
01. New Friends
02. Taking Me Down
03. Stay With Me
04. Cryin’
05. Mother
06. Giving My Everything
07. You Changed Your Mind
08. Uncle John
09. Squeeze Me
10. Virginia

Recorded back in 1997 and infamous for its non-release, CMD was eventually made available as a digital-only offering in March of ’09. This is high-octane “Rock-ET Soul” mixed with feel-good grooves from this organ trio, featuring Alan Evans on drums & vocals, and Neal Evans on keys & vocals... the sound that started the transmission.

Live Down Deep   1995 / 2001

01. Intro
02. Natural Kind of Lover
03. Keeps Me Runnin
04. NYC
05. Carol Lynn
06. I’ll Be Leaving
07. Missing You
08. Gettin Busy
09. Play on Brother
10. Once Upon a Time
11. Fallen Apart
12. I Hope You Do Too

An early incarnation of Moon Boot Lover featuring Neal and Alan Evans (Soulive) on keys and drums respectively, and Jon Hawes on bass. This 60 minute boot to the head was recorded live at Bogie’s in New York, back sometime in 1995, and the album was reissued in 2001.

Outer Space Action   1994

Moon Boot Lover is born — full of rockin’ jams that’ll get your boots stompin’. Featuring the original MBL power trio, Peter Prince on guitar & vocals, Alan Evans on drums and Owen Yost on bass.